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A brighter future, together.

Change is here. It’s not an if. It’s not a when. It’s now. It’s the future. One that’s smart and green and clean. It’s a future that’s comfortable and dependable — for everyone. It’s a future that’s bright and exciting. One that stirs imagination, encourages innovation and inspires new energy solutions. We’re ready for the future. And together, nothing is going to stop us.

The power to change tomorrow.

By working together to make changes both big and small, our brighter future is possible. We can have a future fueled by clean energy that’s still affordable and reliable. We want to lead the way to this change, and we’ve started by updating our company focus and goals. We’re creating a plan that will help us continue to change as we work toward a clean energy Oregon. But we can’t do it alone. We hope you’ll join us, and together, build a better and brighter tomorrow.

How we've changed.

Building a brighter future takes commitment, time and an openness to change. And we wouldn’t ask you, or others, to change without first making some big changes ourselves. We’ve been working with key partners and communities to lower our carbon emissions, create a smarter electric grid and deliver a future powered by clean energy.
  • In 2016, we partnered with like-minded organizations to design the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan, moving Oregon away from coal-fired generation and doubling its renewable energy generation.
  • We signed on to the Paris Climate Agreement, and are committed to reducing and eliminating carbon emissions. To help, over the last 10 years we’ve added more renewable resources to our power mix. Through the addition of solar, wind and low-impact hydro, our basic mix is now 40 percent carbon-free.
  • Together with the Oregon Department of Transportation and Portland State University, we pioneered the nation’s first public electric-vehicle charging stations, called Electric Avenue. This move was an important step in helping electric drivers “fuel up” while on the go.
  • We’re proud to have the No. 1 renewable program in the nation and customers like you get all the credit. We’re inspired and grateful to more than 175,000 of you who are part of our Green FutureSM voluntary renewables program.
  • In 2010, we were one of the first energy companies in the nation to convert our meters to smart meters. The first step in a smart grid, smart meters allow for two-way communication: from the grid to you, and you to the grid.
  • The Salem Smart Power Center was a first-of-its-kind project designed to integrate renewables, test battery capabilities and simulate a microgrid. Today, the center provides backup power for the regional grid and provides a place for ongoing smart grid research.

How we'll continue to change.

We know the journey to a brighter future is ongoing, which is why we’re committed, Full Clean Ahead. We’ll continue to change, adapt and try new things to help us reach our shared goals.

Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility

We’re creating the first major renewable energy facility in North America to combine wind, solar and battery storage all in one location. This new facility is an important step in cost-effectively accelerating Oregon’s transition to clean and reliable energy. Read more.

grid with computer ones and zeros icon

Testing new smart grid technology with customers in Portland, Hillsboro and Milwaukie to improve reliability and service quality, and integrate with technologies that make your home smarter (like connected thermostats, water heaters and storage) to serve your needs — all while creating an electrical system that is smarter, more efficient, renewable and reliable.

electirc charging station and electir car icon

Investing in more electric transportation charging stations to help you make the switch to electric driving and be able to charge up where you want, when you want. Recently, we partnered with the cities of Milwaukie, Hillsboro and Portland to build new Electric Avenues in their communities.

battery icon

Launching battery storage solutions that can hold electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar power when they are available, so we can save it and use those clean sources when you need them.

coal power plant with a line through it

Fully eliminating coal at our Boardman generating plant by 2020 — 20 years ahead of the original schedule.

Throughout this journey to a brighter future, our focus will always be on you. As we build our long-term clean energy plans, we will continue to provide you with the safe, reliable and affordable energy you need, today and tomorrow.

Join us.

This is an exciting time. More exciting because no one is on this journey alone. We want you to be a part of creating this incredible future, and together, we can make a brighter Oregon. Through small steps or big ones, we invite you to join the movement.

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