Go clean

Image of a PGE Charging Station

How you get there matters

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon, and it’s still growing. Fortunately, electric vehicles are becoming more common – and more affordable – every day. That means you’ll have more access to more options as electric vehicle adoption continues to grow, along with more charging locations for those vehicles.

There’s more than one way to cut carbon

Of course, not everyone can go out and buy a new electric car. That’s okay. There are a lot of different ways you can make a difference in your commute, some of which you’ll find below. What’s important is that if every household switched just one commute a week or month, the carbon savings would be huge. And if you can switch one vehicle to an EV, those savings would be even greater – not to mention the savings you’d see in fuel and maintenance compared to traditional vehicles.
Image of a electric bus with ZERO emissions logo

Here’s how you can go electric

There are many ways to get around affordably without expanding your carbon footprint.
  • Ride mass transit. If you’re in the Portland area, MAX and the Portland Streetcar are all electric. TriMet also has a new electric bus line and Wilsonville’s SMART Transit is making the switch to electric buses.
  • Use a rideshare service and choose an electric vehicle option.
  • Ride an electric bicycle or scooter. Remember to wear your helmet.
  • Consider a used electric vehicle.

Expanding the charging network

We’re dedicated to making electric driving a reality for everyone. We have charging stations in Milwaukie, Portland and Hillsboro. We also have Wilsonville and SE 82nd Avenue coming online later this year, and two more to be announced and installed by the end of 2019. Find an Electric Avenue near you. We’ve also partnered with Chargeway, the app that makes it easier to understand electric fuel for your vehicle and locate stations.

Charging stations for home and business

At home, you can charge your electric vehicle by simply plugging it into your existing outlet. For faster charging, you can plug into a 240-volt outlet, like a dryer plug, or install a Level 2 charger. We’re also working with area businesses to install stations for employees and customers, encouraging even more carbon-free transportation.
chargeway map shown on the iphone